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Yoga practice not only involves stretching and exercising, but also uses breathing exercises, conscious relaxation techniques, healthy eating and positive thinking.  By giving attention to all of these areas, we not only take care of our bodies, but also take care of our mind and spirit.  Healthy mind, body and spirit, together create a balanced and happy individual.
The links below cover all areas of our yoga lifestyle, and will assist you in your daily practice.
Yoga and Stress What is Stress & How can yoga help?
Muscle Relaxation Technique - Steps to release tension & perform conscious relaxation techniques.
Body Scan - Cultivates body awareness to direct stress reduction to specific body parts
Walking Meditation - Cultivates mindfulness and consciousness in present moment
Types of Food - Yoga Classifications of Food
Foods to Balance Your Dosha - What to eat, and what to avoid based on your dosha imbalances
The Yoga of Eating - Guidelines for yogic eating
Overview - What are asanas?
Diaphragmatic Breathing - Abdominal Breathing
Dirgha Pranayama - Three part breath
Ujjayi Pranayama - Victorious breath
Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing
What are Chakras? - Brief Overview
Chakra Profiles - How to tell which chakras are out of balance.
Chakra Balancing - Color mediation to balance chakras
What is Dhyana? - Meditation